10 Year Treasury Large Speculator bets rose for second week

By CountingPips.com


10 Year Treasuries: Large trader and speculator positions for 10-year treasury notes in the futures markets advanced slightly last week to gain for a second consecutive week. 10-year treasury contracts rose to a total net position of +33,011 contracts in the data reported for June 25th following the previous week’s total of +31,229 net contracts on June 18th. 10-Year net contracts were positive for a second straight week and at the highest level in since May 7th when total net positions equaled +37,956 contracts.

Last Six Weeks of Large Trader Positions

Date Net Large Specs Change
05/21/2013 20206 31359
05/28/2013 -35505 -55711
06/04/2013 19684 55189
06/11/2013 -9195 -28879
06/18/2013 31229 40424
06/25/2013 33011 1782

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