Establish your trading career with FIX API- A definite guide for 2019

November 27, 2018


Now become a top trader with Fix API that is available for the traders through MT4-Trader. Fix API is a benefit to retail traders who are looking to achieve an extra mile in the trading industry. So, get ready and switch to Fix API because we know your worth and we could only help you become one of the top traders of this modern era.


Online trading is one of the most common professions these days. Fix API trading is a platform that provides you with the chance to become one of the leading-edge traders of the modern era. This trading platform has recently become available to retailers through MT4-Trader. The company is currently developing automated trading and software systems. Furthermore, it has also enabled access for an extensive community of traders to a solution which is typically associated with institutional grade offerings.

A brief description of FIX API

If you are not a Fix API trader, you must be wondering what Fix API is and how it can prove to be useful for you. Let’s start to simply think of fix API online trading as a connection between you and the liquidity provider who is executing your trades in reality. When traders are trading through cTrader or MT4, they need to receive your trading request which is later converted to a FIX message and transferred through the FIX API session to the broker that has made with their personal liquidity providers. If we talk in terms of MT4, all this conversion is done through the bridge.

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The ‘Bridge’ is a plugin that is available on the MT4 server and is able to convert the MQL language into something that meets the standards, or you may say a FIX API message. But when you trade through FIX API connection, you are able to get through the extra latency that is attached along with the use of these platforms. Are you still confused about all this – don’t worry we are here at your service because we want you to understand thoroughly so that you can be comfortable trading on some top ranking platforms?

The term FIX is an abbreviation of Financial Information eXchange which allows you to trade so that you can become one of the most tech enabled traders of the modern era. FIX provides you a set of protocols that provide you the chance to connect to a FIX host and provide you the chance to obtain incoming market data but also get and transmit order requests and execution confirmation messages.

WHY should you chose FIX API as your premiere trading platform?

Trading is not everyone’s cup of tea, but those who belong to this field need to find ways to make sure that they are successful in this regard. Apart from the amazing pricing and exceptional infrastructure and top-quality client support, this is certainly one of the best platforms that you have always desired for. FIX are straight shooters, and they would never tell you that it will cost tons of money, or you will require huge resources to set up a FIX API account.

Moreover, with FIX API you won’t be the bill as you would on other platforms. With all such features, we also come with a liquidity option that will thoroughly be of your own choice. So, with such an attractive platform who would want to miss out on this amazing platform? You definitely would love to benefit from SGT Markets FIX API platform.

Following are the pricing details that are currently being offered at FIX API service. Other details that this table include are the place where liquidity pricing comes from and the type of the liquidity that is being offered. It also provides you with the ability of each feed that helps to accommodate the toxic flow. There is no fixed explanation of a toxic flow as it varies from feed to feed and from place to place. But as a trader, if you are not familiar with this terminology, your trade flow is probably not toxic.

Available Feeds Location Liquidity type Toxic threshold

Lastly, the following table is here to give you an idea of the securities that are currently available to trade on each of the feed. There is a full list of securities offered on the SPA and MPA feeds that is available on our Research Page.

SPA FX & Metals
MPA FX, Metals, Oil, Natural Gas, Equities
SFL FX, Metals, Natural Gas, Equities


Why FIX API is considered to be the best in the trading arena?

The FIX has now become one of the biggest languages of the global financial market that is used extensively by buy and sell-side firms; it is even used as trading platforms and regulators to communicate trade information. This is an open standard that is being developed to evolve business and regulatory needs. It is used by thousands of firms on a daily basis to complete thousands of transactions.

FIX is a method through which world trades and it is now becoming one of the top ingredients in the trading market because it minimizes trade costs and maximizes efficiencies. Moreover, it also achieves improved transparency. It provides significant benefits to companies who are in search to explore the latest investment opportunities. It also minimizes the cost of market entry with the number of members

That are able to quickly communicate both domestically and internationally and also reduces the switching cost.

FIX Protocol language also comes with a combination of messaging specifications that are used in trade communications. It was initially developed to support the equities in the pre-trade and trade environment, but it is now going through rapid expansion into the post-trade space that supports straight-through processing from indications of interest (IOI) to allocations and confirmations. In addition to this, the platform is also experiencing exceptional growth in fixed income, fix API trading foreign exchange and listed derivative markets.