Brazil Real fell by -1.41 percent – October 10 2018

October 11, 2018

by junjie li,

Brazil Real End of Day: October 10 2018

The Brazil Real Futures (Front Month) finished the North American session today with a fall of -1.41 percent and closed the day around the 0.26575 price level, according to unofficial data at the New York close. The Brazil Real Futures opened at 0.26575 with the high of the day being 0.27105 and the low of the day at 0.2653.

The Brazil Real RSI level is Bullish:

The Relative Strength Index, an indicator that can indicate overbought (above 80) and oversold levels (below 20), shows that the current RSI score is at 68.7 for a Bullish reading on the daily time-frame.

Brazil Real Trends:

The Brazil Real Futures (Front Month) has advanced by 8.38 percent over the past 10 days while seeing a gain by 8.58 over the past 30 days. The 90-day change is 0.34 while the 180-day return and the 365-day return are -13.82 and -15.34, respectively.


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