5 Great Resources for the Dividend Stock Market Investor

September 14, 2017

By Taylor Wilman, investmacro.com

Dividend investing has become a very popular topic within the investing world as interest rates of the past few years have been at extremely low levels while a few sovereign bond yields have even fallen into negative territory. Investors have taken to dividend stocks for yield and income. In my searches to learning strategies for investing in dividend stocks, I’ve come upon many worthwhile resources that I think would benefit those looking to learn more about this interesting field.

Here are a few of those resources I would like to share today:

SeekingAlpha.com — For those looking for a lot of dividend content in one place, Seeking Alpha is one of the most valuable resources for dividend investors on the Internet. This site is a community or social network type of platform with numerous top-notch writers with a wide range of specialties. If you are looking for new ideas or companies to invest in, Seeking Alpha has freshly updated content every day.

David Fish’s dividend spreadsheet (www.dripinvesting.org/tools/tools.asp) — David Fish puts out a spreadsheet on hundreds of quality dividend paying companies from the US. The companies are categorized into champions, contenders and challengers and is updated monthly. Dividend champions are companies that have increased their dividend for 25 or more years while contenders have raised their dividend for 10 or more years and lastly, challengers are companies have raised their dividend for 5 or more years. This is an invaluable resource for those who like to use spreadsheets and data-mining to evaluate their investments and generate quantitative investing ideas.

SureDividend.com — Sure Dividend is an outstanding website for understanding, learning, and keeping up-to-date with recommendations of dividend stock targets. Site founder Ben Reynolds writes about his preferred method of finding and investing in dividend investments through his 8 rules of dividend investing. I find his content to be straightforward, data driven with thorough analysis.

Dividendmonk.com — This website has been a great resource for dividend investing. In addition to many helpful articles on how to invest and companies to look at, a lot of the focus on his site is on the dividend discount model or how to come up with an “intrinsic value” of a dividend company. A bit of art and science – working out an intrinsic value of a company’s share price and comparing it to the actual share price can theoretically help you buy undervalued stocks. The understanding and the importance of finding an intrinsic value — a favorite topic of Warren Buffett — is a valuable aspect of the dividendmonks content.

Dividend.com — I included dividend.com as resource because if you need to do a quick lookup of a stocks actual dividend, its dividend yield percentage or how many years the dividend has grown — it is just a quick search away and right at the top of the page. I find myself doing this a lot. The site also has many dividend tools, rankings, well researched content and further helpful dividend information as well.

Written by Taylor Wilman

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